Does your organization struggle to tell its story?
Are you challenged to keep your messages focused and clear?
What about your strategy - do your communication activities match what you are trying to achieve?

If you need support getting started in all of these areas, I'd like to help!

I will create a thoughtful, effective communication program that works to inform, inspire and engage the audiences you want to influence - while staying on track with your higher-level organizational goals.



At the heart of any good public relations campaign is good storytelling. I'll help your organization craft its story. Not just the story of what you do and how you do it, but why you do it, what your impact is and who is part of your success. And then I'll help you get that story out to those who need to hear it.


From communication strategy and project management to writing, outreach and video production, I offer both direct services and training and workshops that provide you with capacity to help you reach and engage your audiences.