About Highland Communication Works

Linda immediately became an extension of the core company team.
From facilitation of an initial company-wide messaging exercise, through detailed execution of our first media outreach, Linda has been professional, patient in her coaching of me and my colleagues, worked through every detail, and supported us flawlessly.
— Joe Thurgood, Hera Systems

Founded in 2004 as an independent, Denver-based consultancy, Highland Communication Works provides public relations services primarily to organizations advancing environmental conservation, social and economic justice, and community development initiatives.

At the heart of good public relations is storytelling. Not just the stories of what organizations do and how they do it, but why they do it, what their impact is and who is part of their success.

Highland Communication Works exists to help clients tell their story — starting with strategy. I begin with a strategy that identifies things like goals and objectives, target audiences and desired outcomes, as well as existing assets and gaps. Then, I select appropriate tactics to match the strategy: Will the program require community outreach and media relations? Web tools and social media outreach? Videos? Whichever tactics are used, they all circle back to storytelling – sharing the what, how, why and who to inform, inspire and engage others in the work and the mission.

For clients who wish to build up their own communication capacity, I offer workshops focused on strategy, messaging and storytelling. These workshops equip participants with tools, templates, samples and other resources to help them strengthen their communication programs and share the impacts of their work more effectively among funders, clients, community members and other audiences. 

    Why highland communication works?


    Having worked for 26 years in the communication field – on the client side, the agency side and the consulting side, from high-tech companies to grassroots nonprofits – I have a depth of experience that enables me to both develop strategy and implement tactics. And I am eager to help clients with both!


    Whether creating an awareness campaign, delivering a workshop or producing a video, I strive to deliver value in its purest form. That means working hard to ensure my programs always stay on track with the goals, drive toward impact and embody the high quality clients deserve.


    I work closely with clients to understand and clarify needs, desires and timelines. Skilled at guiding people and groups in a deep discovery process, I take into consideration many variables, with particular sensitivity to individual and group needs – which I believe is central to any successful communication project.


    I am happy to serve as a short- or long-term staff extension, filling the role of a client's communication function, or simply providing an extra set of arms and legs to support an existing team. I often partner with colleagues to meet growing project needs.

    Easy to work with

    People enjoy working with me. I have a reputation for nurturing relationships by closely collaborating with team members and “rolling up my sleeves” to help drive the mission forward. Here are some words clients have used to describe my work and work style: Professional. High-quality. Trustworthy. Reliable. Thoughtful. Focused. Strategic. And, my favorite: No drama!

    I invite you to check out the testimonials page for a few client remarks.