About Linda Lidov


Experienced communication professional serving diverse organizations since 1992

Linda has been professional, patient in her coaching of me and my colleagues, worked through every detail, and supported us flawlessly.
She is a joy to work with.
— Joe Thurgood, Hera Systems

My professional path

My work in the communication field has spanned the nonprofit, philanthropy, corporate, education and government sectors – exposing me to a variety of communication challenges and opportunities, and diverse subject matter and people. These experiences have built me into both a strategic thinker and a person who “gets things done," whether I’m guiding executives through a messaging session and hunkering down to write a strategic communication plan, or getting my hands dirty in the work – figuratively and literally. And, as a lover of language, I enjoy the process of communication.

Private industry. My career began in high-tech when I held a marketing job at a start-up document management software firm. After getting my feet wet in the technology realm, I joined a commercial spin-off of an aerospace industry giant whose plan was to launch the world’s first high-resolution commercial imaging satellite. The experience was the cornerstone of my 11-year tenure in that industry, during which I became fascinated with how satellite technology influences people's work in environmental and agricultural monitoring, disaster recovery and response, and government planning and mapping.

Agency work. For two years I led teams in a high-tech public relations agency, which fueled an interest in independent consulting and, ultimately, led to the formation of my own business in 2004.

Consulting. In recent years as a consultant, I have served a diversity of clients that do good work: philanthropic foundations advancing social and economic justice, nonprofits conserving natural resources, technology firms building more sustainable communities, educational groups seeking innovation in teaching and learning, and state and federal government agencies promoting energy efficiency and economic revitalization.

Volunteer work

As a volunteer, I have spent much time in Denver's public education realm. I served on the board of directors for the Denver Center for International Studies Foundation; helped transform a previously failing public elementary school into a successful, high-demand International Baccalaureate school; and was a founding member of an early childhood cooperative daycare program. I will also happily dig into any project involving a shovel and a good pair of leather work gloves!

Professional associations

I am an active member of Toastmasters International (Club #7312) and The Communications Network.

Education and personal background

I earned my bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Colorado, and have lived, studied, worked and traveled in France. I am also a fluent French speaker. Having been raised in the beautiful state of Colorado since age 4, I reside in north Denver with my husband and sons. In my spare time I enjoy practicing martial arts, gardening, traveling and exploring Colorado’s outdoors.