About Linda Lidov

Linda Lidov was a pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional, organized, thorough, responsive, and flexible – all important qualities
when you’re dealing with an exacting client with tight deadlines.
Her ability to put individuals at ease and tease usable material
from inexperienced interviewees is pure magic.
— Keith Arnold, Environmental Management Support, Inc.

Experienced communication professional serving diverse organizations for 26 years

My work in the communication field has spanned the nonprofit, philanthropy, corporate and government sectors – exposing me to a variety of challenges and opportunities in the communication world, and to diverse subject matter and people. With an initial focus on high-tech, my work has evolved to concentrate on environmental conservation, economic and social justice, and community development. 

My career began in 1992 with a marketing job at a start-up document management software firm. After firmly planting myself in the technology realm, I was invited to work with a commercial spin-off of an aerospace industry giant with plans to launch the world’s first high-resolution commercial imaging satellite. I became fascinated with how people's work is influenced by the use of satellite technology for applications such as environmental and agricultural monitoring, disaster recovery and response, and government planning and mapping. The experience became the cornerstone of my 11-year tenure in that industry.

Then, for two years I led teams in a public relations agency, fueling an interest in independent consulting and ultimately leading to the formation of my own business in 2004.

In recent years my clients have ranged from the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado/Gill Foundation and the Piton Foundation on the philanthropy side, to the Colorado Youth Corps Association and the PICO National Network in the nonprofit sector, to the Colorado Energy Office and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency within the government spectrum.

Because of the breadth and depth of my experiences, I am both a strategic thinker and a person who “gets things done.” I’m equally comfortable in the board room guiding executives through a messaging session, hunkering down to write a strategic plan, and managing the many moving parts of a communication project. On the tactical side, I’ll happily get my hands dirty. I’ve suited up in Tyvek coveralls and climbed into dusty attics to interview workers, and traipsed through dilapidated buildings to capture video. And because I am at ease talking with people from many walks of life, I’m able to effectively engage and connect with diverse audiences and build the relationships that are so important to any successful communication program.

Personal Bio

I was raised in Colorado and, with the exception of the time I have lived in France, have resided in this beautiful state since 1973. I earned my bachelor’s degree in French after having studied and fallen in love with the language. I serve on the board of directors for the Denver Center for International Studies Foundation, providing scholarships that enable K-12 students to broaden their perspectives through travel. I live in north Denver with my husband and sons, and in my spare time I enjoy practicing martial arts, gardening, reading, traveling and exploring Colorado’s outdoors.