The Need

The Colorado Energy Office was in need of educational materials to inform Coloradans about all of the CEO’s statewide programs. Because the head of the communication group was overseeing many different activities at once, she sought an additional resource to help develop the materials. She approached Highland Communication Works for an extra set of hands to get several projects off the ground.

What I Delivered

  • Developed a collection of information sheets and case studies about programs focused on alternative fuels, energy project financing options and incentives, disaster recovery assistance, K-12 energy efficiency programs, energy management assistance, energy performance contracting, weatherization and agricultural pilot projects.
  • Developed bylined articles to reach wider audiences about energy performance contracting and alternative fuel vehicles via industry magazines, including State & Local Energy Report and Colorado Municipal League.
  • Worked with the CEO’s Real Estate Transaction Initiative to develop educational materials (including fact sheets, program overviews and brochures) to inform home buyers and sellers, realtors, inspectors, appraisers, lenders and builders about the value of high performing homes, ways to simplify the process of buying and selling high-performing homes, and ways Coloradans can maximize their investments in energy efficiency.
  • Edited major CEO reports and studies, including “The Impact of Photovoltaic Systems on Market Value and Marketability," “An Early Look at Energy Efficiency and Contributory Value,” and “Colorado State Energy Report 2014.”

These materials were distributed at statewide events and meetings, and shared with constituents to share information about the CEO’s programs – freeing the internal communication team to focus on other high-priority activities.