Linda Lidov does incredible writing and messaging work. We hired her to write several documents for us... The project was very loosely articulated and those of us involved in it had a variety of opinions on its mission and purpose. Linda was able to capture these diverse viewpoints and integrate them effectively in her materials. She was also able to convey our complex ideas and thoughts in simple language.
— Hi Howard, Piton Foundation

The Need

With a focus on investing in for-profit and philanthropic solutions for Colorado’s low-income children and their families, the Piton foundation was seeking writing support to attract additional national funders to its collaborative work and solidify key partnerships. Piton hired Highland Communication Works to develop educational and story-telling materials that would articulate the foundation’s Strengthening Communities program area, social networks initiatives, and collaborative relationships focused on progressive social change.

What I Delivered

  • Conducted strategic input sessions with Piton’s program managers, followed by interviews with grantees, community organizers, and nonprofit and philanthropic partners.
  • Developed pamphlets about the power of collaboration between funders and organizers, the use of philanthropy in strengthening communities, social network partnerships and the principles of social networks.
  • Developed partner stories about a refugee resettlement organization, an inner-city school with a struggling immigrant population, and a vocational institution.
  • Developed partner profiles about a local community college and a women’s initiative addressing barriers to self-sufficiency.
  • Surveyed nonprofit partners to collect stakeholder input prior to the formation of the Colorado Strategic Communications Initiative, and presented the results to community and philanthropic organizers involved in this effort.

The Piton Foundation used these materials during organizing visits with national funders, shared them with partners that used the materials to think through ways to approach local funders in key target states, shared them with national funders considering state strategies, and presented them at annual conferences. In addition, these pieces were used in information packets for civic participation committee meetings.