Feedback from Workshop Participants

Aspects participants said they enjoyed the most...

...Great mix of activities, expert share-outs, and crowd sourcing.
...Good content! I like the pacing and diversity. 
...Clear and easy-going.
...Many thoughtful small aspects which made the workshop enjoyable in addition to being meaningful.
...I sure enjoy these sessions. I can't thank you enough.

A Few Words from Current and Former Clients

Ann Baker Easley, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
Linda is an accomplished professional. Linda has been a contractor on multiple occasions and has never disappointed us! I directly worked with Linda for nearly a year on the development of a series of communications workshops she delivered in fulfillment of a grant VOC had received. Her preparation and planning for those workshops was thorough and exceeded our expectations. She also served as the presenter at the workshops and was received with resounding approval rates of over 95% from participants. She was also instrumental in guiding VOC staff through an internal communication strategy session as we launched into a new programmatic area in 2018. She offered a well-constructed process to help us determine our messaging and branding of the new initiative while also serving to help us write content for many of the on-line guides developed in that process. I appreciate how well Linda works together with her clients and stakeholders. She is not only pleasant but an accurate listener with an ability to deliver on the product/work as outlined in those client-centered meetings. She's our go-to communication guru!

Todd Hartman, Colorado Department of Natural Resources
If you are seeking someone who will throw themselves head first into a job, with verve, with devotion, with smarts, then look no further than Linda. I’ve had the privilege of working formally and informally with Linda on projects since 2010 and have seen up close the intellectual and creative sweat she pours into every assignment. She approaches every task, big or small, with a sense of gravity and substance and sets a standard for many of the rest of us to reach.

Rio de la Vista, Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center at Adams State University
The San Luis Valley Conservation and Connection Initiative was fortunate to have Linda Lidov services as we sought to provide a series of five workshops and toolkits to enhance the communications skills and collaborative efforts of the community’s many conservation, restoration, recreation and youth engagement organizations. Linda brought an exceptional level of professionalism, a deep knowledge of her content, warm and engaging presentations, and a host of superb resources to the task.

While other professionals may have similar knowledge and experience, Linda’s attention to detail, ability to connect with, encourage and educate our diverse community members, and her sincere commitment to their success, made working with her highly enjoyable as well as efficient and productive.

The results are already evident, and surely will continue to manifest in the time ahead as our community’s organizations raise the bar on their own communications and outreach and continue to build upon partnerships developed in the workshops. This will likewise benefit our land, water and natural resources as well as the economy and diverse people of our region. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Linda on the causes we care about!

Julie Carey, Write Our World
Linda and her partner, Dave Greene, recently made a beautifulshort, promotional video about my nonprofit. She asked all theright questions, listened, and produced something that capturedthe mood and content perfectly! She's a thoughtful, clearcommunicator and a pleasure to work with.

Anna Zawisza, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
Linda helped us think through important strategic questions regarding our target audiences, messaging and branding, even helping develop the final name of our new product offering, the Stepping Up Stewardship Toolkit. Her attention to detail, ability to build on our existing programs and brand, dedication to an iterative process, and ability to deliver high-quality work in a timely manner gave us the building blocks for our new program. Linda was also instrumental in creating templates and content for the toolkit, and we could not have launched this web-based suite of products without her involvement.

Steve Byers, EnergyLogic
I’ve worked with Linda in a few different contexts over the past several years. Linda is the consummate professional. She’s greatly assisted EnergyLogic in all things PR related. She’s been an invaluable resource to me in my role as CEO and in my marketing and PR responsibilities. Through her efforts, we’ve increased EnergyLogic’s industry presence, solidified our brand, and made our message far more consistent and focused.

Joe Thurgood, Hera Systems
I have always enjoyed Linda's attitude toward the tasks laid in front of her, and her expertise in addressing marketing challenges. Recently, Linda and her team provided our startup company expert guidance as we emerged out of stealth mode. Linda immediately became an extension of the core company team. From facilitation of an initial company-wide messaging exercise to detailed execution of our first media outreach, Linda has been professional, patient in her coaching of me and my colleagues, worked through every detail, and supported us flawlessly.

It was important that our first PR was well-focused, effective and, above everything else, created a good first impression of our company, our people and our story. Linda provided a planning framework and a sane voice to help us build a creative path through our market introduction. She did this while building rapport not only with stakeholders within our organization, but also with members of the media, who are responsive to her approach and readily persuaded to work with her. She’s a consummate professional, and a joy to work with.

Keith Arnold, Environmental Management Support, Inc.  
Linda Lidov was a pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional, organized, thorough, responsive, and flexible – all important qualities when you’re dealing with an exacting client with tight deadlines. Her ability to put individuals at ease and tease usable material from inexperienced interviewees is pure magic.

Tamar Ellentuck, Veterans Green Jobs
Linda is gifted at working with others to understand and help clarify needs, desires and timelines. She is a master at guiding people and groups in a discovery process that goes deeply and takes into consideration many variables and limiting factors. She does that internally, as a manager, and with external clients and stakeholders – this is helpful and necessary especially when working with larger communities. She has a particular sensitivity to individual and group needs that I have not always seen in marketing professionals.

Scott Segerstrom, Colorado Youth Corps Association
The Colorado Youth Corps Association is grateful for the expertise Linda has provided to our external communication. We have broadened our reach and increased the quality and impact of our communication.  Linda’s customer-friendly approach matches our organizational culture very well and we have benefited greatly from our partnership.

Jennifer Freeman, Jen Freeman Consulting
Linda helped our organization look bigger than we were. She worked with us on our communications strategy and messaging, and kept us on track, both with traditional and social media. She helped develop tools and systems to increase our efficiency and reach. Using creative storytelling, she helped us explain our mission through the life stories of our clients. Linda is professional, detail-oriented and a pleasure to work with.

Mare App, Veterans Green Jobs
You translate what we do into the living stories of our community. Because of your words, more families receive needed services. We are grateful to have you on our team. You are an integral and valued member whose efforts make us better. Thank you!

Harry Bruell, Southwest Conservation Corps
Linda did a terrific job for Southwest Conservation Corps designing marketing materials, obtaining high quality press for SCC activities and advising on crisis communication. I highly recommend Linda!

Christopher Robertson, Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado
Not only is she compassionate and warm in her approach, she is highly creative and efficient, and works with a high level of integrity. She is skilled at finding the best and most creative way to approach even the most sensitive subjects, and presents them in a way that speaks to every person.

Hi Howard, Piton Foundation
Linda Lidov does incredible writing and messaging work. We hired her to write several documents for us, including an overview of a new project we had launched with several nonprofit partners, and some case studies of some of the organizational and operational changes that these partners implemented as a result of their project participation. The project was very loosely articulated and those of us involved in it had a variety of opinions on its mission and purpose. Linda was able to capture these diverse viewpoints and integrate them effectively in her materials. She was also able to convey our complex ideas and thoughts in simple language. Linda worked very collaboratively with the three nonprofits and received great reviews from them.

Additional Remarks

“Linda is one of the most competent professionals I have worked with in my career. Linda works at an extremely high level in terms of planning, executing and meeting milestones and time lines. In fact, I cannot think of one instance where Linda did not meet or exceed the very high expectations she sets for herself. She is cool under pressure, is quick on her feet, and gives absolutely superb advice when key input is needed. Linda has been a key part of our organization’s success.”

“I like that she listens so well, asks the right clarifying questions, and keeps everyone on track.”

“Linda is the consummate professional, providing exceptionally high-quality end products. She consistently meets deadlines ahead of time, and contributes valuable insights at all levels of engagement. Her character is of the highest accord.”