Highland Communication Works offers training and workshops to support your organization in the development of your communication strategy, messaging and storytelling initiatives. Workshops are tailored keeping in mind your organization’s desire to start a program from scratch or simply strengthen and expand an existing program.  

Linda brought an exceptional level of professionalism, a deep knowledge of her content,
warm and engaging presentations, and a host of superb resources to the task.
— Rio de la Vista, Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center at Adams State University
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communication strategy

Your organization has some goals it needs to achieve – for example, attract partners, engage community members or expand programs. Reaching those goals relies on your audiences knowing about your work, understanding why it is important, and being inspired to take some action to help you advance your mission. Communication plays a key role. But where do you begin, and how do you focus your time and attention? Developing a strategy is a good first step.

This workshop will provide you with practical tips and resources to help you develop your strategy, along with exercises geared to get you thinking about new approaches to your communication efforts.

By attending, your organization will:

  • Understand the essential components of an effective communication strategy.
  • Discover concrete ways to prioritize and organize your efforts and make wise use of existing communication resources.
  • Develop a framework for your organization’s communication strategy.
  • Share best practices.
  • Receive communication strategy templates and samples.


The language you use to describe your work sets the tone for how your audiences perceive your organization – greatly influencing whether they understand your mission and work, and how they choose to engage with you. This workshop will guide you through development of a messaging platform that concisely articulates your messages – keeping you focused, creating consistency across your communication activities and enabling everyone in your organization to be on the “same page.”

By attending, your organization will:

  • Understand the role messaging plays in the way your organization talks about itself.
  • Form a baseline for developing your “story.”
  • Use a messaging framework to craft messages that are tailored to reach your target audiences, convey the benefits and impacts of your work, and illustrate how your work fits with that of your competitors and peers.
  • Learn how to use your messaging platform to develop communication materials and get your staff and board to use them.
  • Receive messaging framework templates and samples.


Every organization has a story to tell! What is yours?

As humans we connect with each other through shared experiences, backgrounds and emotions. More than simply passing information along, storytelling helps us express those experiences so that others can relate to and understand what we do. It is a powerful tool for communicating the meaning and impacts of our work – while inspiring others to engage.  

By attending, your organization will:

  • Understand the role of storytelling for demonstrating  impacts to funders, donors and other important supporters.
  • Learn tips, techniques and key ingredients for creating a “story arc,” and for digging for interesting subject matter.
  • Identify and craft your organization’s story.
  • Receive tools to help you get your story out to broader audiences and reuse stories for multiple public relations activities.
  • Receive storytelling templates and samples.
Linda’s attention to detail, ability to connect with, encourage and educate our diverse community members,
and her sincere commitment to their success,
made working with her highly enjoyable as well as efficient and productive.
— Rio de la Vista, Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center at Adams State University

Workshop Testimonials


Comments from participants

...Great mix of activities, expert share-outs, and crowd sourcing.
...Clear processes for developing a strategy.
...Good content! I like the pacing and diversity. 
...Clear and easy-going.
...Many thoughtful small aspects which made the workshop enjoyable in addition to being meaningful.
...Discussion and networking to understand what others are doing.
...Great information. Very accessible.
...I loved tying all the concepts in a concrete and relevant way.
...The exercises really helped me to more thoroughly think out issues and concerns.
...I sure enjoy these sessions. I can't thank you enough.
...It inspires me coming to listen, learn and participate.
...Thanks for helping all of us and sharing your knowledge!


Workshop impacts

...We are revamping our mission statement and we worked on getting our elevator pitch unified.

...We are inspired to not only do the work but to celebrate the work with others.

...Story-based promotions have engaged our "followers" much more.

...We are building a promotional presentation for funders.

...We made the mission statement shorter.

...We used the strategy and messaging tools to develop an informative backgrounder about our program to share with stakeholders.

...We have tried to integrate each of the tools into our overall organizational strategy.

...We are currently putting together a communication plan among co-directors and board members for better communication.

...All the encouragement and skills will impact our stories to share within our communities.

...The crowd-sourcing of specific resources keeps us from reinventing the wheel.